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Northstar Signs & Neon, Inc. is the shop to call when a project requires a unique solution. We started in the sign industry before computers, and our skills of hand lettering, airbrush, and screen printing have not been forgotten. With the introduction of new technology we can improve production methods and provide unprecedented quality. All of our in-house equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

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Fabrication methods

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CNC Routers & Lasers

CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control. This means that these tools are a precise way to cut metals, wood, plastic, and other sign materials. This removes human error from the cutting process and is great for identical and accurate production.

Digital Printing

Digital Printers are used for our banners and most other popular forms of signage! These printers are fast and give us the highest quality images.

CNC Waterjet

CNC Waterjets provide accurate cuts and designs to any material using a high-pressure jet of water!

Roll Forming & Welding

Our motorized tube benders and expert welders create beautiful and durable metal structures for any project!

CNC Plasma

CNC plasma systems allows us to cut signs and lettering using a plasma torch with high accuracy.

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